Long Island Library Conference 2015


There are still many months remaining until the 2015 Long Island Library Conference, but even so, the committee members are working hard to prepare the best celebration it can.

Meeting as a group the first Tuesday of each month we gather to discuss and deliberate on all of the important details of the conference from venue, programs to food.

In addition to choosing a theme, the committee members are currently working on other new and exciting things to make the conference even better than the last.

While the committee is working hard, we are also having a good time together and carrying on the legacy of all the committees that came before us, continuing the tradition of improving the quality of the public, special, school and university libraries of Long Island. Professionals, Students, Directors and Trustees excited for the upcoming conference will not be let down.

We encourage everyone to let us know if you have any suggestions or concerns on how to make the 2015 LILC conference a spectacular event.

Best regards,

Deidre Goode,  Chairperson

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